Xiaomi Mi A2 | Gold 4GB RAM + 64GB Storage | Best Selling Phones In (March 2020)

Xiaomi Mi A2

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Xiaomi Mi A2 Best Phone in India 2019


This is a Xiaomi Mi A2 this is a new phone in 2019 and you have a very nice cooler

and some good Features and this phone is looking so Pretty So cooler Full and you

have 5 different cooler and this is very popular in India and you have 2 Model

(4GBRA/64GBStorage) & (6GBRAM/128GB Storage).

Xiaomi Mi A2

  • Xiaomi Mi A2 4GB RAM 64GB Storage.
  • purchase. Customer care: 1800 103 6286.
  • 15.21 centimeters (5.99-inch) with 2160 x 1080.

Chick Price ta amazon

Xiaomi Mi A2 

Hey everyone last year me a1 was incredibly well-received but now Xiaomi has a successor with a

more modern look and upgraded internals so his attempt to upgrade I’m Nayem for mxseller and this is

ours Xiaomi me a to review well it’s not the most original or unique design the a2 is a slim and

the elegant device it now has a modern 18 by9 aspect ratio and much thinner bezels in the first generation

it’s a comfortable phone to hold though you’ll need to stretch your fingers a little if you want to use it

one-handed unlocking the device is easy since the fingerprint reader is quick and in a good spot the Here

has gorilla glass on the front and metal on the back despite it not being glass it can still feel a little

slippery the vertical camera setup juts out a little too much and it’ll wobble if you use it on a flat

surface the phone feels like it can survive a tumble but what it won’t survive is a swim because there’s

no IP rated protection me a2 is nearly 6 inch IPS LCD has a1080p resolution and an average pixel

the density of 403 PPI the screen has good contrast ratio with relatively deep blacks however color accuracy

is not that great and there are no color modes to adjust another thing at 420 nits the max brightness is

not very impressive sunlight legibility isn’t great either even for an LCD in our tests we rated the


the loudness of the single onboard speaker as excellent though the quality itself could be a little bit better

you’ll have to live the dongle I put this phone but sound with headphones has great clarity even if it

doesn’t get particularly loud there’s no NFC which is not ideal for a phone without ahead phone jack and

there’s no FM radio either you can either get 32 or 64 gigs of storage with 4 gigs of ram or 128gigs of

storage with 6 gigs of ram the phone scored an unremarkable 73-hour endurance rating and our


Product information 

OSAndroid Pie 9.0
Item Weight168 g
Product Dimensions15.9 x 0.7 x 7.5 cm
Item model numberMi A2
Connectivity technologies4G, Bluetooth v5.0 wireless technology, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wifi, GPS/AGPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Type C USB 2.0 OTG
Display technology403 PPI pixel density
Battery Power Rating3010

will definitely speed things up to be a 2 uses snapdragon 660 which is a dependable performer and

horrible sadly there’s no wireless charging either but you can invest in a quick charge 3.0 charger which

life tests what the USBC charger in the box you can go from 0 to 35% and half an hour which isn’t too

handles the majority of heavy apps quite well the phone heats up a little and there’s modest throttling

but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem the a2 sports Android Oreo 8.1 the phone is part of the

Android one program which means it gets all the latest updates as soon as Google releases them for the

next two years everything is very minimal and bare-bones and the only gesture shortcut you’ll find is

double-pressing the power button to launch the camera not everything is pure Google however Xiaomi

also added you apps of their own there’s the me remote that lets you control the onboard IR blaster a

file manager and a feedback app that lets you submit complaints should a problem pop up the menu to

has a double camera setup with the 112-megapixel main camera and a 20-megapixel secondary shooter for

better low-light shots in daylight the 2 takes good shot popping colors and low noise detail is good and

surprisingly even better with the HDR switched on the HDR itself isn’t particularly good at increasing the

dynamic range but we like what it did for image sharpness in low-light the phone takes well-exposed

photos with good detail and no loss of color saturation it seems like in this case the second camera is

doing something portrait mode works well and produces shots with convincing background blur and

decent subject separation the front camera is a significant step up from theme a1 the with this camera

there’s also a front flash which doesn’t quite produce sharp and detailed results but does allow you to

get the shot 4k videos are nice and detailed there’s no noise and colors are true to life unfortunately

there’s no stabilization to speak of unless you bump the resolution down to 1080p full-HD videos are well

stabilized but they’re a little too soft and when the exposure changes the focus can still be in your face

however, if you’ve already got me a one it makes no sense to get this phone especially if you’re keen

on keeping your expandable storage and your headphone jack also this phone has a lot of competition

especially from the Nokia 7 plus and a Moto G 6 plus which both have stock Android and are pretty a

portable all in all me 82 turned out to be much better than me a1 especially with the larger

screen and upgraded chipset so even though me a 2 is a good device you should shop around and

compare prices before you end up buying it thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video hit the like

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see you next time.


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