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A good solid SEO keyword search tool can be tricky to find. There are just so many with all sorts of different functions but again do you want or need those functions? Are those extra functions worth the money you pay? Below I will examine some different types of popular keyword search tools. I will give you enough info to help you decide which SEO keyword search tools will work the best, at least the best tool for the situation you’re in currently.

So I have lined up A Few Different Contenders To Find Uncover The Best SEO Keyword Search Tool

Ok, so here are some of the best and most popular keyword search tools for SEO. Now obviously these are not the only ones but they cover just about everything.

#1 The Wordstream keyword tool has more functions and is a more expensive tool made for businesses with higher PPC budgets.  

#2 The Fresh key keyword tool is more to find questions that people are asking to find trends for writing kindle books to specifically searching just certain marketplaces to allow you to try to corner a marketplace within Amazon, Google, or Yahoo and Bing.

#3 Ubersuggest is a free keyword variations tool to help you find more suggestions and variations of the word you find.

#4 Then the Jaaxy keyword tool is a tool that is free for the first 30 searches, you can also earn search credits and it finds words very easily that are low hanging fruit to easily rank with.

You don’t have to analyze anything, there is just green, yellow, and red. If it’s green or yellow they are good to go. So now below, I will break down each of these SEO keyword tools and explain them a little more in detail. Then you can make the decision to see if any of these tools would work well for you. 


WordStream’s SEO Keyword Search Tool 

This tool is only free for the first 30 searches but you still can do a free 7-day trial after you do your 30 searches.

Now the free keyword search tool for SEO seems nice until you use it and it blurs out all the relevant data and does not give you much to work with for free. Below is an example of me doing a free search for the keyword “SEO KEYWORD SEARCH TOOL” and it only returned two results and those results, had blurred out data.



The 30 free searches don’t show you much of anything besides one variation. Unless you buy or start 7 day trial of upgraded packages, you will not get anything that is worthwhile.

With that being said they are very expensive and you have to really understand what specific functions you need to justify spending $199-$399 a month. 

There keyword search tool for SEO will help you target both SEO and PPC keywords but google keyword tool helps you capture PPC keywords as that is all it is good for. Plus it is completely free.

Now the workstream has more to it than the free searches lead you to believe but it is not a lot of functionality and offers very similar results to Google free keyword tool.

Now if you in to have a keyword tool do everything from get PPC keywords and SEO keywords and also want to be able to build landing pages and get negative keywords then this tool would be alright for you.

For the everyday person who is not doing a lot of business with PPC, this tool is way to overkill as it is just adding things that you will never use but you will pay for every month. Below are a quick rundown of the included features.



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The Wordstream tool seems to be really only if you are doing a lot of PPC and need a tool to make it easier to manage for your company or private customers. It does allow you to target certain niches or groups of related words and give you more suggestions based on those words, This is pretty typical of a good SEO keyword search tool. It makes launching ad groups easy, as you can group words based on a common theme for group advertising launches.

So you can get 30 searches for free but the data is non-existent and just shows you words and nothing else. If you want more in-depth keyword data then you would have to sign up for the trial to the premium packages or sign up for a trial of their Word stream Advisor to get any regular data. 

You do get a 7 day trial on top of the 30 free searches so the lack of data does not make you too mad as it’s free but this is a waste of time using the 30 free searches, just set up an account and see if you like the full tool for yourself.

Set Up a free Wordstream account here.


Fresh Key’s SEO Keyword Search Tool 

SEO Keyword Search Tool 

The fresh key is a good cheaper little SEO keyword search tool. It gives you new keyword ideas and synonyms and it also gives you the keywords based on popularity. This tool allows you to go beyond typing in google instant search to get predictions and suggestions. I also find the questions being asked the most within a certain niche.

 This SEO keyword search tool will enable you to corner a marketplace like google and amazon to see what is going on in just those specific areas. It is very handy for finding variations in Amazon and is a great way to uncover a kindle Niche way before they are on amazon.  

Instead of just getting only a few results like with Google instant you can now get almost unlimited keywords. If you keep adding variations such as all the letters of the alphabet to the end or beginning of your keyword root you can get a lot of good keyword variations. Also, it will do what Wordstream will do and find negative keywords as well. Negative keywords are supposed to help enable you to get in front of more customers as well as reduce costs and hopefully help to increase return on investment. 

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This tool also does many other things well such as

  • Help Enable You To Find Profitable Niches
  • Helps You Find What Kindle eBooks Would Be Good To Publish
  • Allows You To Analyze Trends Within Kindle 

Now it does very well with amazon helping you in that marketplace but it is not just an Amazon research tool, you can also search Google and Bing in similar ways. 

This program does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee so essentially for $49.95 you can use it for 30 days of searches and return it if you don’t like it.

Purchase FreshKey Account Here.

 Ubersuggest’s SEO Keyword Search Tool 

So here below I typed in SEO keyword search tool into Ubersuggest just as I did everywhere else. Ubersuggest is quite a bit different from the others as it is just a free tool to get suggestions and variations. This tool will help you brainstorm more ideas and keywords to put into the SEO keyword search tool that you decide to use.

So once you click suggest Ubersuggest comes up with a huge alphabetized list plus different numerical keyword variations of the keyword that you entered in.

You can even do the alphabet soup technique by adding letters after the keyword root you enter…For example, you add a letter such as “A-Z” to your root keyword for this example is  “SEO keyword search tool” so

  1. “SEO-keyword search tool A,”
  2.  “SEO=keyword search tool B”
  3. “SEO+keyword search tool C”
  4. “SEO_keyword search tool D”


or put the letter in front and suggest 

  1. “A SEO keyword search tool”
  2. “B SEO keyword search tool”
  3. “C SEO keyword search tool”
  4. “D SEO keyword search tool”

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This is a great SEO keyword search tool to use to find all sorts of variations and the best part is it’s completely free so there really is no reason not to use this tool in conjunction with another favorite SEO keyword search tool of choice. 

Set Up a free Ubersuggest account here.


Jaaxy ’s SEO Keyword Search Tool 

Ok, here is an SEO keyword search tool gem that many people overlook due to its simplicity. What is great about it, is that it is also free to try for 30 searches. It is also web-based so

you can use it from any computer or laptop. Now when you try this SEO keyword search tool you will find that it is easier to find words to rank for without all the extra learning curve.

You just simply put in your root keyword, such as “SEO keyword search tool” in this example. I found the keyword that I am writing this article about with Jaaxy and then I used it to dig deeper into the word as it was a good one.

This tool enables you to get back to building your site and not becoming a “mad keyword research scientist.” Using this tool I have uncovered many words that are very easy to rank for.

It takes out all the extra that you really should not be focusing on and just shows you the gold nuggets to go after labeled in green and yellow, plain and simple.

SEO Keyword Search Tool


Then to clean up the mess, you can also build and compile lists of all gold keywords for great quick ideas to write about to get ranking quickly.

SEO Keyword Search Tool

Look it this Guide

It also ads suggestions that you can use to dig deeper into keyword variations. Jaaxy pulls data from Google and other databases and puts it all together where finding keywords

is easy as green, yellow, and red. When the light is green your good to go, when the light is yellow proceed with caution, and when it’s read just stop and don’t use it as there is too much competition.

You can obviously use red if you really want to but you will just have to do astronomically higher amounts of marketing and SEO to rank. When you go with the green lights you can get them with really low numbers and then they are really low hanging fruit and you rank for these words very quickly.

I have written a full review of Jaaxy here if you would like to know more about this tool.

SEO Keyword Search Tool


So when it comes to keyword research typically people use Google’s keyword planner like in the screenshot below. The problem with google’s keyword tool is it is mainly giving you metrics on PPC or pay per click ads competition and not necessarily giving you the real competition.  

As you can see below the same word that Google says has high competition is actually a “green light word” in Jaaxy. Now the PPC words competition does help to find out how saturated a niche or group of words is but does not find little gold nuggets that you can write about like Jaaxy but more of an overall general idea. 

Set Up a Jaaxy Account To Get 30 Free Searches Here.

In conclusion, the best keyword search tool is all relative but I like to use the power of Jaaxy or Freshkey and then use Ubersuggest to quickly uncover a niche without any hassle.

You can a least get your free Jaaxy searches and you can uncover a lot of words just using those 30 searches and the free Ubersuggest tool to find all the variations of those 30 searches.

The great thing about Jaaxy or Freshkey is that they are affordable, as Wordstream is very expensive after the free trial. None the less, all of these SEO keyword search tools above will help you easily find niches and variations of keywords, so really it is up to you trying them out to fully understand for yourself.  

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