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Samsung Galaxy M40 (Midnight Blue, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage)

Samsung Galaxy M40

with one of the best mid-range processors six gigs of ram a triple camera system 128 gigs of on-board

storage and a large 6.3-inch display the galaxy m4 T is a pretty sweet deal adjust nineteen thousand nine

ninety rupees and given this price point I think the galaxy m4 t does come up with some really awesome

features alright let’s get on with the undoing and see everything that we get with the box so that’s the

galaxy m4 t first impressionist’s really lightweight and I think it’s very well sized but let’s talk more about

it shortly that’s the 15-watt fast charge and I’m really happy that Samsung’s providing this with its

GalaxyM40 mid-range series great edition a TypeC cable for girl syncing and charging and you get type C

your phones which mean possibly know your phone jack that’s ejection pin and then the last thing left

is probably okay only documentation there’s no cover or cases that’s it in the box so here is the galaxy

m4 t and when you look at it there are only two things that stand out the midnight blue color and the

camera cutout and the fact that Samsung’s been able to give this camera cut out in itemed range M

series smartphones which is available only in the galaxy s 10flagship series I think it’s very interesting

and then you have the triple camera system which contains one regular lens one ultra-video lens and a

depth sensor for those beautiful background blur shots and I’ve taken a lot of videos and pictures and I’ll

show those as samples later in the video at the bottom you get types a charging portend them-40

supports fast charging which is another new addition in the Miseries smartphones but here’s the

bigness your phone jack and you don’t get an adapter to connect your old earphones either you do get

Samsung Galaxy M40

  • 6GB RAM
  • 128GB Storage

A pair of type Earphones in the box but they may not bees good as the ones that you already have there

is a physical fingerprint sensor at the back which I really prefer over any in-display fingerprint sensors

which are slow and unpredictable these are the fastest and I think is placed pretty appropriately as well

so in terms of building design, the device is a very good size and it fits very well in hand not too heavy

and feels really well-balanced at the back the camera unit does elevate a little but that doesn’t seem like

much of a problem it’s all plastic which keeps the weight light however it doesn’t feel cheap or of poor

quality despite the low price point and of course the camera hole cutout is the newest update in the

galaxy M series and them-40 is the only phone to have this after the galaxy s 10 II though the side

bezels are thin they’re not very thin so you can clearly see them and we know that there are many

phones that offer a slightly more immersive display experience but again you know if you look at the

chin it’s not too thick I mean something’s come a long way I think and these bezels after sometimes you

Samsung Galaxy M40

just wouldn’t notice them you’ll get so used to it you get a hybrid tray so you can either use two SIM

cards at some time or you can use one SIM card and one micro SD card with up to 512 gigs of storage

capacity overall it’s a pretty lightweight phone very well sized and feels semi-premium just like a

midrange phone should be moving on to the software the galaxy m40 is running Android 9pi with Samsung

one UI version1.1 which is the same that you get in the galaxy s 10 series so you almost get a flagship

the software experience on them-40 but some features would definitely be missing but since it’s Samsung

one Bijou get all the perks of one-handed experience which is I think one of the best in any Smartphone

but the RV’s on display is missing so this is the galaxies 10 plus which has the always-on display you see

that it does tell me the time the date and the notification if any but if I look at the galaxy M 40 the

the always-on display is missing so I would never know if in case there was notification or even the time and

date if I just want a glance the s 10 plus does provide for notifications around the LED so let’s hope

Samsung can come up with a software update to allow for that on its camera ring alright moving on now

every time you unlock you present it with a lock screen that contains story now these lock screen stories

change each time you lock and unlock your display you can get more information about that particular

Samsung Galaxy M40

lock screen story and you could just flip or you could slide to access more of these there’s actually a

setting inside lock screen where you could go to lock screen stories setting and you can Face unlock as

well which works equally well and would prefer this even over the fingerprint sensor now the import it

does not convert too many apps pre-loaded they’re all the basic apps you know there’s some Samsung

goodies inside the Samsung folder you get all the basic google apps and then there are some Microsoft

apps built into now a lot of these apps were installed later but in general, you don’t get too many apps

installed and that’s great okay moving on there’s also a night mode that I’ve already enabled but you can

disable that and have the regular white theme and them-40 also comes with Dolby Atoms mode that

can be enabled only after you’ve plugged in your phones and trust me guys this is something to

really try I mean if you’re watching Netflix YouTube or listening to music just try turning into the doggy

Atoms mode and you’ll really feel the difference in the sound quality now, of course, it doesn’t stop there

you can go into your settings you know you could configure motions and gestures to really personalize

and customize the Galaxy m42 work according to your preferences come into the display the Galaxy

m40 supports a 6.3inch TFT F HD plus display so you get areally high quality crisp sharp viewing

the experience gave the high resolution but TFT is not known to be as great as the IPS LCD or Super

AMOLED displays I know the m30had Super AMOLED would have expected m40to be the same

nevertheless, the colors do look really good they look really natural I also like the brightness of the

display so even if you know you’re someone who uses your phone outdoors allot in bright sunlight you

really wouldn’t have a lot of problems reading in bright sunlight but here’s what’s important it’s a six

point three-inch large display so whether you’re playing games or you’re watching movies or you just

you know on Netflix or hot star you would really have a very immersive experience I mean it’s just a big

screens you can really enjoy no matter what you do sure efficient and delivers pretty good performance for a

the mid-range processor you also get six gigs of RAM and all of this leads to a benchmark score of about

170,000 which as you can see beats nearly 40% of all smartphone users out there but it is still very far

behind from all the high-end performance flagship devices and that’s okay given the price point that the

Samsung Galaxy M40

Galaxy m40 comes in but let’s just try out a few games the first one I tried was pub G the best part is it

shows high as it’s graphic quality by default which is very good news I mean you can really feel it in the

gameplay right in front of you here just look at the textures look at the shadows look at the detailing

and just look at the overall smoothness of the gameplay there’s absolutely no hitch the frame rates are

absolutely consistent they’re just not I mean there’s no lag and this is an online multiplayer game so of

course I’m on my wireless network and not on the on 4G but still, I think it’s doing a great job it’s really

smooth and no hassles whatsoever but let’s try asphalt which seems to be not as well optimized for

lower-end phones that I’ve experienced and let’s see how that feel son the galaxy m40 now at first it did

have a few frame drops but I think it’s playing it’s playing decently well you know it’s not super smooth

like Inexperienced on the Galaxy f10 or the 1 +7 but that’s alright because of those smartphones a

performance beasts and they cost like three and four times the galaxy m40 and here’s a modern combat

5which tends to be better optimized even for low-end smartphones so it’s always more smooth and

the game plays a lot more consistent even if the phone is not that so probably high-performing but again

on the galaxy m40, it’s playing very well if you look at the shadows the way the light is falling and all the

a gradient that’s there I think it’s pretty good and I’m really really really impressed by how good the

the gaming performance of this device is I really wasn’t expecting that the m4we’ll play all of these games

without any issues just I think I’m really impressed and finally coming to the camera Sampson’s for

integrating a tri camera set up at the back of many phones and m40 is one of them the main lens is at

OD 2 megapixel lens with an aperture of f11 which means you can get some really good low-light shots

as well sphere are some samples that I took using the main camera and all of these are available for

downloads you can see for yourself and judge on the quality but these shots that I took I think they look

really good even after I transferred them to the computer and I was just going through them I think they

look really nice of course they look even better on the phone screen which is where you would be

looking primarily now coming to the next lens which is an 8megapixel ultra-wide lens and to enable that

Samsung Galaxy M4o Amazon. in Best Selling Phones and this is a Top selling Phone in 2019

Samsung Galaxy M40

You’re going to the software the camera app and then you just make that switch now here’s a shot that I

took using the regular lens and then I switch to ultra-wide and just look at the breadth of the image that

I could capture just so much more in the same shot I was really lucky to get this shoat well I was just

out with my dog at a pool party and here’s another example so this is one angle the primary lens and then

you switch to ultra-wide and you get that so I think it’s really good and just how much information

you’re able to capture in a particular landscape and to the third lens which is a portrait lens and to

enable that you just go into your camera software and you shift to life focus and here are some samples

that I took and guys it was amazing that this camera at this price point can do such a phenomenal job

with portrait shots just look at these I got them all in one shot and I didn’t have to do any editing

nothing these are just right out of the camera it looks great the camera app in itself is fairly

straightforward you get all your modes lined up so you’ve got hyper-lapse you’ve got slow-motion super

slow-motion and I do have a video for that I’ll shortly show is, of course, regular video mode you can

shoot up to Full HD FPS 60 fps this panorama and there’s pro mode so here’s a super slow-mo video that I

took, of course, you need really good lighting so make sure that you’re out somewhere and not like

indoors and then you canals get 60fps super-smooth Full HD videos you can shoot 4k videos as well but

I’m just showing you because this video is shot in Full HD so I’m showing a full HD sample so it’s not as

stable I mean just obviously shake while you’re walking but if you’re not walking and you’re just panning

your camera I think it’s a pretty stable shot and here’s another example I was just out in the park again

while I walk I think there’s quite a bit of shake so you might have some complaints with that but guys at

this price point it’s tough to that optical image stabilization it’s only offered in like the good cameras are

Samsung Galaxy M40

A real flagship in their nature and they cost three to four times more than the Galaxy m4 T it does

adaptor the light very weirdly you see how it changes the white balance but that was something off and

now coming to the battery life you get a 3,500 millionaire battery which doesn’t sound a lot it will last

you an entire day with moderate use but in case you’re the kind who commutes a lot watches a lot of

video and is constantly on like WhatsApp or  Facebook you might have to charge it sometime during the

an evening to ensure you stay powered all through the night now the good thing is that unlike other-series

smart phones you do get a fast charger in the package so you can charge your m40 faster than any other

galaxy emmer phone and you could just you know carry on so that’s a pretty good plus overall the galaxy

m40 seems like fairly value-for-money deal one of the best devices in the segment for gaming and taking

pictures large display yet a very convenient grip and comfortable use, of course, there are a couple of

setbacks there is no LED notification no always-on display no headphone jack and i would say the average

battery capacity but these are just a few things that might hold you back and might want you to

reconsider but I would still go ahead and say that it does offer excellent value for money if you don’t

want to stretch your budget and you’re looking for a phone from one of the best Smartphone makers

around the world, the Galaxy M 40 is probably your answer for that so that ‘sit from me guys hope you

really enjoyed the review if you’ve got any questions you can leave them in the comment section below

and I’m going to answer them to my best capability thank you for watching guys don’t subscribe and hit

that like button.

Samsung Galaxy M40


  • OS      =    Android v9 Pie
  • RAM   =    6 GB
  • Item Weight     =     168 g
  • Product Dimensions    =       15.5 x 0.8 x 7.4 cm
  • Batteries:        =       1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
  • Item model number       =     SM-M405FZKDINS
  • Wireless communication technologies      =     Bluetooth, WiFi Hotspot
  • Connectivity = technologies 2G, 3G, WCDMA, 4G LTE:FDD, TDD
  • Special features = Dual SIM and Hybrid Slot, GPS, Music Player, Video Player, FM Radio, Accelerometer, Fingerprint Sensor, Gyro Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor, Hall Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Virtual Light Sensing, E-mail
  • Display technology      =       LCD Display Type and Pixel Density 409 PPI, with punch-hole display
  • Other camera features   =    8MP
  • Form factor      =     Touchscreen Phone
  • Weight  = 168 Grams
  • Colour   =  Midnight Blue
  • Battery Power Rating      =    3500
  • Phone Talk Time = 29 Hours
  • Whats in the box = Handset, Non-removable Battery Included, Travel Adapter, USB Cable, Type C Earphones, Ejection Pin and User Manual

The Samsung Galaxy M40 Amazon Best Selling Phones



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