Samsung Galaxy M30 | (Gradation Black, 6+128 GB) Amazon Best Seller


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Samsung Galaxy M30 (Gradation Black, 6GB RAM+128 GB Storage)

Samsung Galaxy M30

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Samsung Galaxy M30


Hey what’s up guys will here for GSM marina with Samsung’s entry-level-series you probably wouldn’t

expect premium features but the galaxy m31 are Genma LED screen and 5000 million power battery

let’s check it out in our full review unlike a lot of other mid Rangers these days the galaxy m32it isn’t

very glossy and even seems little lumpy if you look too close but Samsung did try to spice things up with

this two-tone gradient paint job and with the slight curves the back design doesn’t look half bad for a

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phone with such a large battery the m30 is not toothpick and the other benefit is that the camera is

flush with the back no wobbling here the m30 s main attraction though is on the front a brilliant six

point four-inch Super AMOLED screen with a tall aspect ratio and a 1080presolution there’s a small U

shaped not cut out but the bezels are quite slim especially for this class this is the only Super AMOLED in

the galaxy M lineup and we appreciate those deep blacks everything looks quite sharp at 403 PPI and

brightness is great too we measured437 is maximum with a manual slider and641 nits and auto mode

and bright conditions there is a selection of several color modes to choose from and all of them are

quite color accurate amazing for a phone of this price you don’t have a notification LED on the m30but

there is an option for an always-on display if you want to check your phone at a glance for audio the

m30 has single loudspeaker next to the USBC port loudness isn’t impressive scoring just average in our

tests but the sound quality is decent with no distortion of full volume[Applause]there is a 3.5-millimeter jack

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here and loudness is good with headphones plugged in there is some measurable Distortion through and

stereo separation isn’t Thebes there is plenty of storage available for your media the m30 comes with 64

or 128 gigs of storage built-in and the SIM tray has a dedicated micro SD slot on top of his 2 nana Sims to

wake up and unlock the m30 you have an arrear-mounted fingerprint scanner that sits flush to the body of

the phone the placement is a bit higher than I’d like and I found this scanner to be pretty unreliable

especially compared to summed-range competitors including Samsung’s own Galaxy a 30 you do have

the option to use face unlock which is faster but not as secure the interfaces Samsung’s one UI and the

m30 has actually just received the update to Android 9pi you have pretty much the same smooth

software experience you’d get on any of Samsung’s recent phones including the flagships except there is

no Busby virtual assistant here under the hood is the Samsung Exynos 7 9 o 4chipset the same is in the

galaxy m20and the a30 processing power is adequate for everyday tasks but the GPU lags behind the

competition doesn’t expect to have a great gaming experience with this phone battery life on the other

the hand is quite impressive with a large 5000million power battery the m30 earned stellar endurance rating

of 119 hours in our proprietary tests charging this big battery isn’t super fast with the included 15 watt

the charger we got from zero to 26% in half an hour but it’s still ok though charging up to full only took two

and a half hours the galaxy m31up on the back there’s a 13-megapixel main camp a 5-megapixel ultra

wide-angle cam and a 5-megapixel depth sensor for portrait mode during the day the Galaxym36 decent

photos it does an adequate job handling noise and there’s good capture detail dynamic range is good if

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you leave the auto HDR on which we recommend you do otherwise you may see some blown highlights

the ultra-wide camera has noticeably warmer and slightly more saturated colors in the main camp the

wider field of view is useful though these photos have heavy distortion with no option for correction the

galaxy m32 some good work and live focus portrait mode these portraits look very nice with decent

subject separation the m30 slow-light performance won’t win it any awards though these images have

low saturation and highlights are blowout detail is decent in the reasonably lit areas but there’s more

than a fairs hare of noise low-light shots from the ultra-wide camera or even less appealing they’re

generally soft and blotchy horseflies the galaxy m13 megapixel front-facing can he has come out

surprisingly good there’s excellent detail and sharpness true to life color sand decent dynamic range

videos from them30 are rather limited you can only record in up to 1080p at30fps and no third-party

the app can change that and there’s no stabilization either quality through the main cam is quite good

though with plenty of fine detail Pleasant colors and just the right amount of sharpening the ultra-wide

cameras footage isn’t quite up to the same standard as dynamic range is more limited there’s still

decent though so that’s the Samsung Galaxy M 34 around200 Euros or dollars you get a beautiful

AMOLED screen exceptional battery life dedicated micro SD slot and a good sulfide can it makes you

wonder what phones like the galaxy a 30 are even doing in the same markets this isn’t a perfect phone

though probably the biggest downside is the chipset it’s okay for web browsing but if you’re a gamer you

might want to look elsewhere now with that said the galaxy m31 of the cheapest options out there for

an AMOLED screen it does sit behind the competition both chipset and camera wise but if you’re fun

with that trade-off, the m30 is worth considering thanks for watching guys and see you on the next one


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