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The iPhone Spy call and Surround recording are two of the many features that are part of the iPhone Spy software. The iPhone Spy software allows you to make spy calls to another target iPhone that is running the app without leaving on a trace on the phone of any call having being received. The spy call basically works by accepting your secret call on the target iPhone without the target user ever realizing. It basically then gives you an ear to what is happening on the other side of the phone line. The call is received by the iPhone Spy software which is operating on the target iPhone and it does so without leaving any traces of a call.

So when you’re calling the target phone the phone won’t ring, it won’t vibrate and the phone holder will never have a clue that you even called.

iPhone Spy software

The surround recording aspect is, in essence, a useful extension to the Spy call feature.

Once the iPhone Monitoring Software has accepted the spy call you can now record whatever is going on for later review.

If your teen is supposed to be at a study session but ends up at a party instead you may not be able to listen in right then due to work but with the iPhone Monitoring Software you have the comfort of knowing you can always check what was going on later.

The iPhone Spy App’s spy call feature can be of use in several situations and to several different kinds of people.

Parents can use it to keep their kids safe, spouses can use it to keep their significant others in line, and employers can use it to protect their business.

The iPhone Monitoring Software can help monitor anyone with the most efficient performance.

The only requirement is that you spend a few minutes installing the app on the phone and then you never have to touch the phone again since all the important information is available to your online account.

The iPhone Spy Software allows the installer to remotely access all relevant details.

They don’t have to worry about having to sneak about around the phone; with the iPhone Spy App acting literally as an audio bug the installer can breathe easy and go about his/her way while the software does all their work for them.

It is the single most convenient and easy to use the option available to anyone who has someone they need to keep an ear on.

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