HP 245 6BF83PA 2018 14-inch Laptop | Best Laptop in India

HP Laptop

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Best Laptop in India | HP 245 6BF83PA 2018 14-inch Laptop

 So I’ll try to be very specific, bought this HP 245 6BF83PA 2018 14-inch Laptop from paid him calm for these 20,000 after instructions and all of that HP-branded 65-watt charger along with.

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mxseller.comWhat Is Generation pro this laptop

These 20,000 after althea discounts packaging was to the point guarded safely in the box we have got some dogs setup instructions and all of that HP-branded 65-watt charger along with the power cable some more dogs which aren’t that important and the laptop itself in the first look I was impressed by its 

design and weight this is a 14inch laptop and after a long time I’m Unboxing a 14-inch laptop that feels good I any day prefer 14-inch laptop over 15 inches because of its portability and overall use so before doing anything let me just put in those on it as it comes with das pre-loaded I have made detailed video 

on how you can install genuine Windows 10 you can watch that by clicking on that IO button on the top let me quickly mention you the specifications of this laptop it has 4gbddr3 RAM 1 TB hard disk made 9 9 to 4 0seventh generation dual-core processor radium r5 inbuilt graphics after the setup let’s take.

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Have Something  Good Configuration

overview of the laptop the whole body is made up of replies that share which looks very modern and cleans the feel is very good branding at the back is engraved init with the mirror finish as expected in the price range we have caught a 70 Panel which is decent it’s a LED battery at SVA panel you can’t expect it.

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: Something good feature in This Laptop

  • The processor is_ 1.8GHz AMD A6-9225.
  • The SDRAM RAM_ 4GB ddr4.
  • The hard drive is_ 1TB 5400rpm.
  • The Graphics Causality- 14-inch screen, AMD Radeon R4 Graphics.
  • And DOS operating system
  • Weight 1.85kg laptop

to be super bright it is just decent and yes it’s a mad display so no blah C stuff which is good to work outdoors I just love the keyboard it’s accurate doesn’t flex have a decent journey and click eNOSis just amazing thanks HP for such great experience it’s a breeze to type on this keyboard I’m totally satisfied 

Some good content in this Laptop 

The keyboard, no complaints the complaint rises here most of the laptops nowadays went with the multi-gesture trackpad and HP still implemented this kind of track right that’s not fair HP but in this price range multi-gesture trackpad of other companies aren’t that great though so I mean what should I 

complain about trackpad is okay just okay nope I don’t want to talk about its webcam it’s just they’re not great it’s just there along with Mike and LED so on the Left we have power in heat pens VGA port Ethernet port HDMI port two USB 3.0 and a headphone port to the right with yet unlock DVD writer 

USB 2.0 port card reader slot and power and hardness led so here still a DVD writer he’s HP it’s2018 now make your laptop son little slimmer or increase battery capacity rather than giving the obsolete DVD driver talking about the battery as expected from HP batteries nor that grade I mean on normal 

usage like watching movies and journal browsing it gave me to us 25 minutes of pack up which isn’t great but hey look at the price it is still decent speakers aren’t too loud but is acceptable here’s a sample if you are going to use it for journals of light ms-office browsing media consumption then this is the best buy under 20k price.

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Last Featherin in this Laptop 

I got small lags here and they’re not very severe but yeah those are there for video editing you can surely use smalls obvious as femora buy don’t expect it to work with Adobe Premiere 

you can work with Photoshop on this though games like well GTA it can be played on this in lower settings yes there will be lags and frame drops here and there they are to be expected heating can be found on this with heavier usage it will emit out a lot of heat so please use it on a flat surface and 

don’t use it on your pet for a long time so for20k price this is one of the best laptops you can buy right now overall it’s logical by Ram irremovable in this part don’t do it it’s an entry-level laptop there won’t be any huge difference in the performance if you want to upgrade this in future just add SSD

HP 245 6BF83PA 2018 14-inch Laptop Video

Laptop Details

Brand HP
SeriesHP 245
Form FactorNotebook
Item Height24 Millimeters
Item Width24 Centimeters
Screen Size14 Inches
Maximum Display Resolution1366×768
Item Weight1.85 Kg
Product Dimensions34 x 24 x 2.4 cm


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