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How Work At Home | EDU IS A Scam No Matter How Many Times

How Work At Home Make Money

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Ok, so How Work at Home EDU a fraud? So, you may have seen some How to Work at Home EDU reviews around and thought that this program might work but do not believe the hype. Program Work at Home EDU or WHHEDU is a program started by a man named Michelle Robinson. Michelle Robinson is not real and is a pen name. When you land on the page you used to see a story about how a mom “Michelle Robinson” fixed her problems with this program.

Now they have seen what people are writing about their program and they have changed the sales page to look much more legitimate but it is still the same fraud program.

Finding the right program that enables you to make full-time money online is what everyone dreams about. When people really want something to happen like working at home online, you can bet there are scammers to capitalize on your dreams.

There are many programs out there that sell you on the idea that you could live the internet dream life with very little work. At first glance to the untrained eye, this program can look legit. While it may seem legit, this program is nothing more than a copy of another fraud with a different name.


how work at home

Well, the first red flag is the owner Michelle Robinson is not real and is just a fake name, and not only that but now they took off that name and put nobody’s name as you can see in the picture.

They now want you to trust a no-name stranger and give them $97 dollars. They used to make it look like a struggling mom before and that she easily made tons of money online.

Work at Home EDU used to make outrageous claims that you can make a full-time income in just an hour a day. They also used to claim that you do not need any experience or skills and that anybody can do it.


Now they just focus on making it look like a real program and took out all the hype. This is not real work at home opportunity with this Work at Home EDU fraud. After you buy the system, they tell you to call a specialist that can help get you started for only 4K lol.

The program is similar to the work at Home University but has been redirected to Home EDU at Work so that they basically use the same product and different names.


If you go to you will see that they are trying to sell and market much better as they try very hard to make this program look legit. The marketing on Work At Home EDU is much more informative and tells you what you will be doing.

The problem is, even though they are telling you what you will be doing they still redirect you to the same sales page that is used in the Work At Home Institute scam found here and the work at home university scam.

Although they did a better job on the sales page, they sold exactly the same scam product with the website’s facelift and a new name. IS WORK AT HOME EDU A SCAM | WHAT IS WORK AT HOME EDU?

So, is training any good? While it appears, you do get a little training when you sign up for Work at Home EDU, it is not good information. Most of the time you will get theory and generic training that would be hard for a newbie to act on.

They will not offer step by step actions and a clear guide to see results. In other words, the training at Work at Home Edu is not going to get you from a newbie to a full-time internet marketer.

In fact, information, as they give, could just make things worse and inundate you with too much filler information.


how work at home

So I have already told you that the course cost $97 dollars to register and at that time they initially say that they have a 365-day money-back guarantee. This is a conditional refund which is in the fine print.

This course has 3 365 days return so that you forget to give it back or when you try as a return policy they will surround you that you only get a refund if you just follow the course.

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This leaves many ways for them to get out of refunding your money. So normally someone will buy the $97 dollar course and then they are hoping you go past 60 days and then they basically can keep your money unless you did everything perfectly.

Also, the $97 dollar registration is said to be a one time fee, but that only gets you 6 months access.

They will also be hounding you with upsells after you join, this is typically the way they make most of their money. There 24/7 support is more like a sales team that tries to upsell you on much more expensive packages.

Also, once you are a part of the Work At Home EDU scam they will also share your personal data with partner companies who will call for all sorts of offers and have auto dialers with recorded messages and crazy text messages.

Even if you are a part of the do not call list they can still call you after you sign up, as that gives them permission again.


So, is work at home jobs in education Scam Yes, it is in my opinion and I do not recommend anyone throw away your money with this course. If you have tried this program and feel that it is better than I have stated them, please leave a comment below and we can discuss it.

When it comes down to it, if you want to be successful online, you need to have a strong mind and be realistic. You must wade through all the hype and play devil’s advocate whenever you see a new online opportunity such as the Work at Home EDU fraud.

People that think setting up an online business is a breeze will end up, giving up. Not only do you need to have the proper mindset, but also you need a solid foundation that you can understand easily without loads of filler info.

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The only thing that you get with Work at Home EDU is unsatisfactory training and sleazy salespeople that try to sell you like a used car salesperson close to the end of the pay period for high-priced back end coaching programs. So, when everything is said and done at home at work, there is another wolf in sheep’s clothing. They try to defraud as many people before they must change their name and do it all over again.

Then, once they have you on their list, you will receive a ton of sales calls trying to persuade you into buying high-end business coaching that typically costs a few thousand or more.

If you are asking yourself “Is Working at Home EDU a scam” I can tell you right now Work at Home EDU is a fraud.

It is not even recommended to work at Home EDU or WHU EDU or Home Institute at Work. Soon after dealing with increasingly of these frauds, they will soon start sticking out like a sore thumb.

So If This Program Doesn’t Work Which Program Does?

So just to clarify after learning from the school of hard knocks, there is nothing that will make you rich with the push of a button but there is a real training that can teach you how. I have a program that can teach you everything if you just try it.

Also trying this program is 100% free and there is no automatic forced continuity to make you pay either it’s completely up to you if you want to stay a free member for life or move up. There is no easy one-step or push-button solution to making money online but there are really good programs that train you to have a realistic shot at it.

Learn how to build a real full-time business online with all the training and resources all in one place.

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