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How To Start A Blog Start a Blog

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In my previous post and emails, I sent you the tips that you need to know before you can start building your blog on the right foundations. Today, I’m going to share a few more tips on how to start a blog right. All you have to do is follow the simple steps.

Today, I’m going to share a few more tips on how to start a blog right. All you have to do is follow the simple steps. 

Your blog domain name​

Before you can start your blog, you need a domain name. It’s like mine You can think about it like

Take some time and think about the domain name before you choose it.

I advise you to choose a .com name. Find a domain name with your name or the one that is unique and describes your niche (what you do).

Make sure it’s as short as possible so people could remember it.

Your personal name as a domain name

The best possible solution is to pick up

For example, I can tell you one of my websites is (

Your niche as a domain name

Perhaps you don’t want to use your personal name. In this case, I advise you to brainstorm and pick the name of your niche. Try to find as short as possible.

Make sure it describes what you offer on your blog.

One of my students found He offers free monthly horoscopes and some of the paid services there. He didn’t start blogging yet, but he set up the website with his offers as soon as he got his domain.

When I was searching for the desired name for my astrology blog, I couldn’t find the domain name I wanted.

As my business is international, I picked up For my Slovenian business, I registered

Whatever you choose, it can work for you. For making money online niche, I think it is best if you decide to use the .com domain.

Advanced tip:

When you choose your domain name, you can buy as many domains as you want for your original domain name (like, your, your, your, etc.). 

Register your blog domain name

So, if you don’t have a domain name yet, go to GoDaddy or Blue Host and register the one you want to use in your business.

When we were talking about setting up your blog, I promised you to tell you about choosing the blog theme. I recommended the WordPress blog theme. Today you will understand why I did it.

Your blog main purpose

Many people start blogging without knowing what they want to achieve with their blogs. So, before you can choose the blog theme, you need to know what you want to publish on your blog.

That is perfect for someone who would like to share his thoughts, beliefs, or something else with the rest of the world.

I guess you stopped by because you are interested in business and marketing. You can write about your journey on your blog.

If you run a business in a specific niche, you want to choose the blog theme that you can design yourself. Make sure it suits your topic or niche.

On this website, I talk about my business and marketing journey. It is obvious that I’m not going to write the majority of blog posts on pets even if I enjoy my free time with my dog.

Before you chose your blog theme, I recommend you think about your plans. It will guide you towards the best blog theme for your projects.

Free and Paid Blog Themes

On the internet, you are going to find many great blog themes. Some of them are free, and most of them are paid ones.

When I started; I used both (free and paid blog themes), so I can tell you about my experience with them.

Free blog theme

A free blog theme is a great way to start for someone who does not know the main purpose of the blog.

You can use it in your business at the beginning. Later, I am confident you want something more sophisticated.

If you want to use a free blog theme, you simply go to WordPress and chose the one you like. You can search in Google and get the ideas of how many are available.

Chose the blog theme you like and upload it to your site.

My experience with the free blog theme

My first website was created with Microsoft FrontPage. It was an ugly, non-flexible site but it did the job back then in 2005-2008. Then, the internet was a much easier and less crowded place.

I published valuable content for my visitors several times per month. It helped me to get on Google’s first page for many important niche keywords.

After that, I found a company that set up my Joomla website. They used a free blog theme, but I had to pay over 1,500€ for creating the new website. It was complicated, and it made me angry whenever I wanted updates.

A year or two after, that company did not support my website anymore. I tried to catch up with the updates, but I had a really hard time with it. Not to mention that I could not add any new features or set up the landing pages.

Later, my brother told me about WordPress blog themes. I tried many of them and was seduced by WordPress’s simplicity. I used a free blog theme for several years. Fast one I liked it because I could change many things on my website very often.

When I wanted to add some new features, I realized that it did not give me as much freedom as I would like. Often, when I wanted something new, my brother started telling me that »my blog theme doesn’t support it. «

In 2014, I bought my first paid WordPress blog theme. It did not do the job, and I wanted to hire another company to set up my website.

Luckily, in 2015 my friend told me about Thrive Themes. They developed many beautiful blog themes, and I would love to share my experiences with you.

Paid blog themes

When you Google you find tons of beautiful paid WordPress blog themes. Before you chose yours, I suggest you check the ratings. Read the comments, too.

When you start your business, any of the WordPress themes should do the work. It really does not matter what you chose.

Later, you will probably want to change the blog theme for something more sophisticated. If you can afford it from the beginning, I highly advise you to do it today.

I’m positive you’ll be satisfied if you chose one of the following blog themes:

How To Start A Blog

​You can customize any of those themes and create a beautiful website or blog.  

My experience with the paid blog theme. How To Start A Blog

In 2015, I wanted to add Landing Pages to my website and blog. When I told my brother what I want he did not have any idea what to use and how to set it up with my previous blog theme.

I did not have enough knowledge and could not explain to him exactly how to search. Honestly, I did not know they are called Landing pages. I will tell you all the important things about them in one of my next posts.

After six months of waiting for the solutions, I decided to start searching Google myself. That search took me to a fascinating path towards my freedom.

When I found Thrive Themes, I could not believe how fantastic products they have. I was searching to find something else and always came back to them.

In August 2015, my friend talked about Thrive Themes. He highly spoke about them. I trusted him and listened to his advice.

Since then I’m using paid Thrive Themes for WordPress on all my sites. I never looked back, and never thought about using anything else. It was one of my best decisions because it helped me to increase my conversions.

My personal experience gives me the courage to highly recommend Thrive Themes anybody who wants to convert visitors into subscribers and customers.  ​

If you look at my website, you notice I do not update my design as often as I should even if I could do many of the updates within minutes. That is my mistake, not their’s.

My main reasons for using Thrive Themes are:

  • Super simple and user-friendly experience.
  • Increased conversions.
  • Many possibilities to create a beautiful website or blog.
  • Simplicity and flexibility.
  • When we talk about designing your blog, only your imagination is the limit.
  • Great support.
  • A ton of fantastic tips and highlights how to improve your website for higher conversions.
  • You can play around.
  • If you want to switch the Thrive Themes theme, you do not lose your content.

Your Blog Theme Takeaway

You can use a free or paid blog theme. The most important thing is to start today.

My experiences show that it is much cheaper to buy a conversion-focused paid blog theme like Thrive Themes than searching for a free or paid another one. You will save a lot of time and get unlimited possibilities to stand out from the crowd. How To Start A Blog

If you want to make money with your blog and you’re serious about your business, I recommend you choose something user-friendly, flexible, and tested in practice. Thrive Themes meet those requirements.

Let the professionals do their work. I highly advise you not to lose your time and money for searching for something else all the time.

You can get a better ROI by concentrating your efforts on writing great blog content and publishing it regularly. How To Start A Blog

Now, it is time to get your blog theme and set up your blog. In my next post, I will tell you about the »must-have« elements of your website or blog.

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