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15 Best Tips Boost Your Website Traffic in 2020

How To Boost Traffic To Your Website Tricks

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Learn How To Boost Traffic To Your Website With These Quick And Easy Fixes that you don’t have to be an expert SEO to execute.

I’m sure I can imagine what you have been thinking “How Can I Increase Traffic To My Website?” So there is a lot of things that you can do to get more traffic to your website.  When it comes to getting more traffic there are still some basic tried and true techniques that still work. Some ideas hold more weight with Google than others. I decided that internet marketing is just like self-defense, if you learn “too many moves” or techniques, they start to get forgotten and typically are not executed correctly.

If you learn just one or two techniques and master them they will give better results than learning the top 30-50 things to boost traffic. I have read through tons of articles about learning the 56 different ways to boost your traffic but after you read something like that you’re typically more confused than before. You definitely don’t know where to start.

Then instead of taking action, you will instead go into the unproductive state of Analysis paralysis. So I decided to find the best and easiest things to fix now if you would like to get more traffic and give your website a nice kick in the butt.

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#1 First make sure your aware of the basic problems on your site:

These problems can be found easily using something like a free website grading tool where they can tell you what is slowing your site down. Once you fix the problems that slow your site down you can start seeing better rankings from Google as they like fast loading pages.

#2 Get Images Compressed:

If you have put lots of pictures on your blog you need to mainly make sure they’re royalty-free, that you add in keyword variation alt tags. Also, you’re going to want to compress your images before you upload them to your website.

This will make it load much quicker especially when you get more people coming to your site at once. This helps a lot with page speed and load times which is a big factor with Google.

You can use tools such as compress jpeg to compress your images. 

#3 Don’t Forget Bookmarks Still Work:

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This is as easy as pushing the boost web traffic button. Just getting your site on the top social bookmarking sites such as:

  • Digg
  • Reddit
  • Delicious

you will definitely boost your traffic. With combined total traffic of 9 million people a month you could really get a boost from bookmarking.

They also have automated paid programs to do this if you don’t have time or don’t want to do this. Places like Onlywire has an automated service to use to mass bookmark your site to automate the process.

There is also amazing done for you packages from places like The Hoth for getting backlink packages that actually work. 

#4 Guest blogging To Compatible Business:

This is one of the hottest ways to boost your site, the more relevant, higher domain authority blog you guest post on, the better the boost in rank will be. This will work for a long time and Google will be penalizing anything like this anytime in the future.

So this is definitely a safe way to get your site’s traffic up. This can have one major warning, is that it’s not easy to get a guest post.

On a well-known blog, you need to know how to write. The easiest way to get accepted is to find someone doing something that compliments what you do.

For example: If you are in the special diet niche try selling your idea to bodybuilder blogs, mom health blogs or cooking sites, etc.
If you’re in beauty products try cross-promotion with wedding blogs and possibly prom dress retailers etc.

If you have no idea how you’re going to get someone to accept your guest post and want one to be done for you professionally. 

You can outsource this whole process at Trusted guest blogging linking service review that can explain a company that actually will write a guest post for you and get it posted on a high authority blog. How To Boost Traffic To Your Website 

They have a white hat original guest post on a high domain authority blog pointing back to your site for a reasonable fee. This is a huge deal and can help tremendously in the long run, if you’re thinking of keeping your blog for a while. 

#5 Forum Posting:

This is still a good idea just so you can find others that like your content and possibly share it and make it viral.

Many people discuss lots of websites on forums and why not let people talk about your blog or website. Just go into forums with the intention of helping first and then leaving a relevant link second. If you just try to genuinely answer people’s questions, you will definitely get some traffic from all the people who vibe with what you’re saying. 

#6 Find Your Audience And Influencers And Go To Them, Don’t Wait For Them To Find You.

If you really want to change the way you market :

  • Find out where your audience is gathering online.
  • The times that they’re typically most active
  • The types of topics they talk mostly about on the group discussions, fan pages or forums
  • What people they talk about who is influential
  • learning why that marketer is talking about the subject they talk about.
  • Learn who your target audience really is and how you can solve some need their having 
  • Then focus on those few things for the majority of your time and you will be seen as very valuable. 

You want to learn what influencers in the niche talk about and what people in the niche want to hear. 

If you look at some of the top blog articles you can find all the top influencers with their most popular pieces of work here. Once you learn what influencers in your market and your audience want, you can offer it to them on a silver platter. How To Boost Traffic To Your Website 

Then get lots of social shares from people and influencers and a lot more love from Google.

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#7 Join In The forums, Groups, And Networks

Try advertising in the same type of space using the same type of lingo and verbiage try to build relationships with them through social media. So if you run a recipe blog you would focus on…

  • Foodie Forums
  • Health and nutrition forums
  • Chef blogs
  • Home cooking groups
  • Sharing food pics on Pinterest
  • Share Food Videos Through Periscope and Meercat

#8 Get On Slideshare And Other Document Sharing Sites:

If you really want to make this work you can just start building your blog and writing and when you get to a point where you’re having a hard time making new content, give your self a break and repurpose your content on Slideshare, Scribd, Docstoc and other document sharing platforms.

If you create a profile you also get a great backlink just in your about section.

Just go to a Blog To Pdf Converter and turn your blogs into PDF’s. Then share them on Slideshare and do this constantly and watch the boost in traffic.

#9 You Need To Re-create Content You Already Have And Build A Channel And Just Make Videos.

You need to get on YouTube no matter what.  Instead of just writing blog posts why not also make that same content into video. You start posting up videos weekly and you will get double the traffic Than with blog articles alone. I need to take my own advice 🙂

#10 Using Twitter Cards

I’m not a huge fan of twitter for some reason could not get it to work as good as other social networks but Twitter cards have been a great tool for traffic. They are larger tweets that have images and allow you to have called to action buttons built right into the tweet. You can also have ethical bribe downloads attached right to the tweet.

Then remember that tweets with intriguing images get a lot more clicks.

#11 Spend More Time On The Headline

Spend most of your time on the Headline and then the beginning sentences, then focus on writing the body. Sadly if your headline is not very good most will not take the time to read it or in this day and age skim it.

8 out of 10 people will read a headline of an ad and not read the rest of it.

So make sure your headlines are catchy try using tools like “Portents content generator” for good ideas of jazzy headlines.

The headline in this article was made using Portents. I typically fail in this area as I spend a lot of time researching the article that at times I get a little lazy with my headlines and beginning intro and those are the most important. How To Boost Traffic To Your Website 

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#12 Host A Webinar, Webcast or Podcast

If you’re able to speak into a microphone and like to keep talking about something in your niche, you should definitely consider running your own podcast.

This is huge not only because they’re still relatively new but when people hear your voice and connect with how you talk about things will help out a ton.

This can lead people to start trusting you more. Then once they trust you more, they start buying from you more. Cause remember people buy from others that they know, like, and trust.

The hard part about a podcast is you need to be consistent with it just like blogging. That is sadly why I don’t have a podcast yet.

#13 Don’t Use So Many Exact Match Keywords:

When building your site nowadays you really want to focus more on content and not exact keywords. Then you want to link to many other pages that relate to each other using natural naked links, not using the specific keywords. Then you also want to link out to other relevant sites as well using just regular words and not the exact match keyword. How To Boost Traffic To Your Website 

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#14 Start Using Q&A Sites To Boost Awareness About Your Business By Answering Some Questions:

This is rather old but it is not used as much as it should be used. people are still seeing great results by answering questions on Yahoo answers and newer sites such as Quora.

I have answered just a few questions on Quora and have received around 5,000 extra views just in a few months. If I spend some time there I could definitely get some better results.

#15 Facebook Fan Page Advertising, CPM vs CPC:

If you see this you’re probably already like I have a Fan Page. Most people do, the thing that you can do with Facebook to up your rankings use their advertising platform.

The way to really get the most bang for your buck is instead of using CPC advertising which is expensive, try using CPM. You can get you much cheaper clicks with CPM and in some cases better conversions.

The hard part about this is your ad writing needs to be good as you’re not guaranteed clicks but if you ask an intriguing question, you will get some good quality targeted clicks.

If CPC is like 40-70 cents a click you can get CPM ads at around 15-20 cents a click for an example.

You start doing all this and your like a buisness in a city that is much easier to find than the majority of other businesses

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Start with these simple yet very effective techniques when looking for ways on how to boost website traffic. Not only will you get attention from Google but also still get the attention of real readers.

When you start to boost traffic using just the simple techniques above you start getting noticed by the search engines with brute force just like a school bully.

Then you start to get noticed by The Principal (Google) and your blog will start to get the attention it so desperately craves. 

That special balance is what keeps you ranked in the SERPS for a long time to come. Then you also don’t have to worry about any penalties in the future.  This is not a risky technique like old-fashioned link wheels that link directly to your site.

There is obviously a lot more you can do to boost traffic but for now, these will work wonders. This is just for the people who have a good site with good original content but are really not ranking very well and just need a boost.

Remember there is no substitute for good content, nothing works for the long-term if the content stinks and doesn’t help anybody. So just remember put out some solid content and don’t skimp on the research and follow a few of the things above and you will definitely see a major traffic boost.

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