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Best Free Website Builder And Free Hosting When Starting 2020

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Looking for the best free website builder and hosting? Well, I am sure you may have seen a few examples and realized you are not sure which one to choose. 


So, when I first started out, I was confused about the difference between websites and blogs was.  I was also always confused about what service was the best or where they all the same. I felt very overwhelmed and confused trying to find the best one when every company says they are the best at something or another.

The main problem was I did not know what I did not know. I had no clue what I was really looking for.

I ended up trying several free website builders only to find they were hard to use or they did not have the functionality I needed. Many others had too many limitations and free advertisements on them.

I figured I wanted to at least find a free website builder and hosting until I basically figured out a game plan on what I needed to do.

I remember Googling all sorts of variations to try to find the one gem that would work for me and faced with lots of uncertainty and doubts. ~I would always have so many questions and very few answers. -I used to think that I would need to outsource a website designer or pay someone to teach me.

It was not until I joined a program that I pay for to this day or should say pays for itself. This program also has a free program that people can use that many do not know about.

This program finally enabled me to gain the confidence to really start affiliate marketing. This also made it so I followed through with the lessons as they have a step by step task lists that gets you to act.


If you are looking for a solid web page builder and hosting and want a platform that can grow with you, the choice is easy. The best easiest and most compatible platform to use would probably be WordPress, they are the largest.

When you sign up with other companies, they typically will make you use proprietary tools and other tasks that only work with their systems and making you more confused by the time you decide to leave or you outgrow them.

Below is an easy way you can start now. Just enter your domain name idea and watch how fast you can set up a professional website, for free. This website that you can make easily below is one that you can grow with in the future. This platform accepted and used by most professionals and business people around the world.

This is the best free website builder that I have found anywhere.3

If you are still not sure I will give you a few quick and solid reasons to at least set up a free account and try it for yourself.


So, when first starting out you are going to want to find the best free website builder and hosting. This is a very crucial first step. If you wrapped up in the wrong website builder and hosting when you first start, it can get quite confusing and hard to grow.

These are things that many do not really consider when setting up a new website.

I feel setting up a new website is much like to buy a new car, as people a sold on

  • the fancy lights
  • body design
  • cup holders
  • DVD players etc

So much so that they sometimes forget to look at the boring stuff such as

  • the engine life
  • transmission strength
  • differential
  • good suspension
  • coolant leaks
  • leaking oil etc.

This is the same with finding the right website platform, many see pretty images of free templates from many of these free website builders but they come with way less functionality than with a WordPress site.

Now you can get a free WordPress site from but that hosted and owned by WordPress and there are a lot more rules and limitations that you must deal with, rather than using and uploading to your own host.

If you are not quite ready for uploading to your own host but may want to eventually, then using this site builder is just for you. This gives the best of both worlds as it is free but also

it has more freedom and functionality than those other free website builders. This is the time to site but without all the hosting and technical issue, many faces when trying to set a self-hosted site up by themselves. 

Therefore, starting out on the right platform is crucial as like getting a car you may not know the problems until later down the road when all the problems start appearing.

Now going over all the problems with the new website builder is beyond this article If you want more info on free website building with hosting check this out.  However, you can find more about the differences between the Totally Free Website Builders here and also what a Free Website Builder Is Here.


 So if you’re looking for a totally free website builder with hosting look no further as I have one of the best hosting and website builders you can get free. This program started off as

a way for people to test out and try before they buy type program but then they made it so you could continue to use it for free if you like.

This program will take a lot of the confusing out as well. Not only can you get a free web page builder and hosting but you can also get free basic training that is better than many paid pieces of training your find out there.


If you use the common website builders such as Wix, Squarespace, etc and later want to move to a different host or try something new you are stuck as those platforms only work

in their environment where WordPress based blogs are universal and can be switched, upgraded, or change hosting without any problems. Plus, even if you want extra stuff with the free website builders, they become not so free.

Now paying for extra stuff and functions is the American way but the main point does not get stuck in a free website builder trap. Sure, it is nice to find a good free web page builder and hosting but if you choose the wrong one you could be wasting more time and doing more harm than good.

If you build a website and host it with the program that I am talking about you do not have to worry about the platform they use widely accepted as it is the best most popular platform WordPress.

They just make it easy to set-up and it’s on more secure hosting, you now don’t have to worry about the hosting as the hosting they use is rock solid, very secure and much faster than you will find with basic free website builders or using cheap shared hosting than many use.

Still Not Convinced Here Is the Top 8 Reasons to Use the Best Website Builder and Hosting Site Rubix

1. SiteRubix Will Not Place Their Ads on Your Blog If You Build with The Free Version.

This is huge as when you build free blogs, it will typically say “powered by (blank)” or “this was created by (blank) create a free site here”

This not only makes you look less professional but the companies are using a plain jane average site builder tool to advertise for them for free.

They know that the limitation and functionalities of the free version will not be enough so you become a free billboard for them until you build and get stuck and cannot move your site anywhere else so you pay them to upgrade.

If you choose the free website builder and hosting that I am talking about they will not place these unwanted ads anywhere on your blog which is a really cool added plus as they could have gotten away with it but decided not to.

So, the free website builders are not free, they are getting free advertisement out of you.

Wix Advert on Footer

I am Creator Advert on Footer

Weebly Advert on Footer

SiteRubix automatically signs you up as an affiliate so you can make money from this traffic as well. Any advertisement and banner put on by you and you only not forced by the company and you do not get any commission from it.

That is the beauty of this free website builder is you get credit for any referral and get a share of the commission with the owners. This not only teaches you some basic affiliate marketing and how it works but also does not shaft you on sharing in the commission that is a win-win for you.

2. You Can Put Anything You Want on Your Free Site Including Ads and Affiliate Links.

Unlike many free website builders and hosting that only allow you to blog and get traffic but you need to build a whole different website if it gets big so you can link to that and use affiliate links. With this, you not restricted and can use affiliate links and ads as you please.

They give you this power as the company is by affiliates and they understand that you want to make money with your blog and not just write a free diary for everybody to read.

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3. These Sites Rank Well with Their Powerful Hosting and WordPress Platform Google Loves

Siterubix websites are awesome for SEO and the company has been around for a while and it really seems that combined with WordPress and the fast hosting Google seems to love these sites and ranks them well.

For example, I have an image below that shows what a person got in traffic just using a free site Rubix site. This is better than many others that put lots of money into building and content writing and still do not get that many visitors.

4. You are Going to Receive the Best Training and Support That Any Free Website Builder and Hosting Will Offer You.

Many times, these free website builders will give you training on how to use them and the tools, but they will not give you training on SEO, niches, and affiliate marketing to get you started. Siterubix offers this as just a thank you for trying it out.

This is the only free website builder that I have heard of that people make decent money with as well most free websites just used for landing pages or image hosting at best.

These sites can stand on their own two feet.

Not only that but you get some of the best support around from not only the support center but other like-minded people and through live chat.

5. how to create a website free of cos

Not sure how to set up a website on WordPress and upload it to your host using C-panel or unsure how to set up databases correctly well now you don’t have to just basically click 4 times and you will have a website that looks like it took you all day to set up.

The great thing about the easy setup is if you make one and you’re not happy with it you can delete the whole thing and start over with just a few clicks or if you have content already you want to keep you can just switch themes or you can completely move your files to a host of your own, it’s completely flexible and up to you.

This is the fastest easiest and best way to set up a website and get free hosting. if you are ready to build a website you can do so in seconds by just simple entering in a domain name below.

It is Time to Stop Researching and Start Building with The Best Free Website Builder, Domain and Hosting by Simply Entering an Idea for A Domain Name in The Box Below.

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6. These Sites Have an Easy Access Dashboard with All Your Websites and Logins in One Place Easy to Access.

Websites hosted by SiteRubix are easy to use & secure.

You can easily login with a complex secure password that Site Rubix can make for you and remembers it. You can just click login and start working rather than finding the password or having to resend the password because you lost it.

If you want to change the password just hit reset and it will auto-generate a new secure hard to remember the password that you do not have to remember all you have to do is click login. These passwords are very secure as this is one of the ways to keep your blog safe and give you more protection against hackers and bots.

7. SiteRubix is FREE

This does not need much explanation but this is a huge reason as this free account could easily cost money but the owners have decided to make an open education project to help people

started and when they succeed, they can then invest in a higher-powered better membership with more functionality when they see this is a genuine opportunity.

This is also on the same cloud hosting that I used to host the premium sites like the one this blog is on. This cloud hosting can run you a lot of money a month and it seems crazy to give it away for free but that is what they did and they have been around for 10+ years so they probably know what they are doing. There really is no other Website builder and hosting company that gives you all this for free plus training to get you started.

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8. How to improve yourself every day

So another cool thing about getting this free website set up is that if you go through the links on this page I will be automatically notified and if the training and live chat and support are not enough you can ask me questions as well and I can personally help you through what you’re having troubles with.

I Well didn’t have that, and let me just say it was a long hard 7 years of failing and confusion and if I would have just got the proper training and guidance like in this course I would have been able to make it within a year or less.

So, all you need is the will to learn and the ability to act and you can get two free websites and hosting and training plus help from me all for free, try to find a better deal anywhere else.

So put your credit card away and click below to set up your sites. I hope you see the value of this and hope to see you on the other side and I will be sending over a welcome message after you set up your free account (takes 1 minute or less).


So, do not just look for a free website builder and hosting that just focuses on looks when really functionality and quality of hosting is what really matters.

Always think about the future and look at what they are offering under the hood, is the hosting better, is the platform they use more universal or proprietary and can you only use it in their environment.

Also, make sure that you can grow with it. If your blog gets popular you will want to know that you have a platform and hosting that you can grow with that will not cause problems when you want to move it or upgrade. 

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