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Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier removes 99.97% airborne pollutants with 4-stage filtration

This is a very popular Air Purifier and this Air Purifier Bestselling Product in   and I well recommend This is the Best Air Purifier.


Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier

Air purifier Something Generation 

This day only what they did for us because this is the top of the line when it comes to air purifiers
here at HSN, it comes from Philips you know the company been around for over a hundred years
they have the best appliances out there well they gave us a deal for one day their top-of-the-line
Philips 1949 wagons.


Air purifier Facility

Show you how quickly you can get it that has an air chamber in or we call it a smoke chamber
she just turned it on what’s going on inside thereof that well what’s going on is the sensor is
calibrating and it is going to clear up this air where you couldn’t even see that purifier look at
how it’s working that fan is 

Going it is clearing up that air that quickly did you see that yahoo took about it took about
20 seconds and smoke oh my gosh look at that now it looks like the one right next door all
right so here’s the special

Deal and what a lot of people want to know what makes Philips so wonderful well first of all
their appliances they’re number one in the market you know we do the Philips air fryer all
kinds of Philips products they make every kind of thing for not only business but for home
as well for them to give us a deal like.

Air purifier privacy

This is incredible the reason I love this is I think it’s the best technology in the marketplace as far
as air purifiers, most air purifiers are kind of reactive right they just go on and they go on and on
and on and they clean until the filter gets dirty and then easier to throw it away and you burh place
it or whatever you do.

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Philips AC1215

This actually is a brain inside that actually will adjust the filtration in every house because not every
house is the same that’s gonna explain all that to you but I will tell you this is a great deal on and
what we call an intelligent air purifier $1.99and this will do you know of your Livingroom this will do
your great room this will do your bedroom wherever you need it if you have a big kitchen it will work
in there


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Product Exports

If you don’t like the odors the dust the polynya this also helps with bacteria seashells with
viruses as well most of those other ones cannot make those claims so anyway welcome to the
show today I’m so excited about that because of all this technology we’re talking about and you
know what I 

Mean where do you live in a country where there are allergens and pollen do you live in the city
with pollutants do you have pets like I do you have a nursery all these things this purifier can
clean up your air as quickly as you just saw it and the reason why Phillips is bringing you that
advanced technology


it’s an era sense technology and what it is there is a sensor a professional-grade sensor built
right into that machine what happens is when that smoke came out it said uh-oh we got to clear
this up quickly the fan speed automatically increases it works at a high level until it gets that air
to a clean and healthy

State for you why is that important because while you’re sleeping if some impurities go in your
the room you don’t know about it you’re sleeping the fan knows that this purifier does it for you
this is gonna give me an Indica they what the air quality I’ve had air purifiers before they don’t
tell you what’s going on they 

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Product Activity

Just tell you what how high they’re on or how low and gee is it working how do you know what the
quality so this is like no when you watch the weather and they tell you the air quality right that’s
what this does exactly you can see the right here isogonal show you in color and number goes
from one to twelve

One being the best 12being the worst color blue to red all you have to do is glance right over it and
you can look well I’m going to do this one more time so you can see it again because again look
how quickly this happens there cuz it’s just and what’s happening again that sensor sash-oh
impurities are in 

The air let me go ahead and cut that thing and speed goes up high so it reads it takes a second
it reads and the quality of their right and then it decides how much power to exert to clean it all
by itself, I’m not in there I’m not touching it I’m not turning it on doing any of this so it does it on
it’s own and that’s

The difference here this is intelligent purification and if you can glance in there when it gives a
right three-year all you got to depress it on and right here is where you see reading all
the time all you have to do is glance over there it is you have a blue so that’s good is a good
quality of two is good I love knowing the air quality because if you listen if you have an air
purifier in your room in your house.

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