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American Income life Insurance Company | Not a scam job

American Income Life Insurance Company Make Money

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Well, according to the scandal of the American Income Life Insurance Company, it will become the following global organization that serves blue-collar families and unions. You just got their job advertised.

This is one of those MLM’s that tries to make you feel like it is a job interview. I have seen similar things with other MLM’s like selling knives. They either have a fake job interview to get

new recruits or they use a Child Safety Kit Trick, to lure you in, that I will talk about further down in this article.

American Income Life Insurance Is a branch of the Torchmark Corporation. The question papers of other similar policies are provided in one / third part of it. They have also been a company that just does not have the reputation that you would want with an insurance company.

American Income Life What is the value of a scam American Income Life?

Well, there is not a lot of value in joining American Income Life. They are not even upfront in the beginning that they are an MLM and make many believe that they are applying for a normal paying job position.

They are will be a classroom-like setting where a presenter will sell you on making good money or whatever they can to get you excited. The problem is you never really know what you are doing until the end.

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Here is an example of the messages that they send to you:

They all are very similar and these just happen to be from the sister companies of the American Income Life Insurance Company Scam all owned by Torchmark.

They will all say that your resume was forwarded to us and you have a good position for them or you will be a great match.


 Many will claim this is not a pyramid scheme as they are hiring you for a sales job. The problem is, to make good money in this sales job you need to recruit others for phony jobs just like the salespeople who hire you did with American Income Life.

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Well, in the end, you finally will be told that the company sells life insurance. They will constantly tantalize you with how fast you can move up the company ladder. They also offer you fake titles to get you excited. 

I will give you a presentation about all the possibilities and financial abundance you could receive working for the company.

They would then hand you a piece of paper with questions to answer about yourself and what you thought of the company so far.

The people that do the presentations are very good at delivering that speech and can hook you if you are not careful. They will try to convince you that this job will change your life.

Then they will immediately want you to start filling out forms. Then I want you to pay your fee to join the group. You will also need to pass a test that is not common sense and that cost $40 dollars each time you take it.

Many have claimed to fail it a few times and paying over and over for it until they finally passed.

Then once you get in, you are given a crash course on selling. You will only learn what the trainers tell you depending on who trains you. So, once you pay all this money and spend all this time to sign up, they know they have you stuck.

You will spend the time you employed cold calling, door knocking, and collecting referrals from people you have already sold. This is typical sales stuff but this company is different from selling life insurance for an actual company.

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They Also Lure You In With The Free Child Safety Kit.

So American Income Life sponsors these Child Safety Kits so they can send out agents to do in-home demonstrations.
You originally will think that it is free.

Then you will receive a package in the mail. When they call, they will always want both decision-makers present because they try to upsell you on their life insurance policies.

They will try to use high-pressure sales and just adjust and lower fake high prices, just to get you to say yes.


So, Is American Income Life a fraud? Well, I would have to say yes, in my opinion. It is not a fraud in the eyes of the law but to me, this is a fraud. I would not recommend it at all.

They tell all the new recruits that you will make a six-figure income and retire in 10 years off the residuals. I know that many will quit and never last past the first year.

They seem to want to hire as many agents as possible to get a few policies and then when they leave ALL they can collect the residue created from that person’s sales for the life of the policy.

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So, if you do not want to waste a bunch of time and money watch out for these Job interviews and free info about “Child Safety kits.”

So, what if the American income life does not work for realistic monetization?

If you are looking to start a business or just make money with a job American Income Life is not the place. You’ll be glad you avoided this fake opportunity unless you look for an MLM opportunity that you can monetize with the expectations of others.

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If you have a problem with American Life Income, please share your views below and help others and together let us avoid scams by this opportunity.

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